Pyeongchang is known as the mecca of winter Olympics in 2018. Peace Festival is held at PyeongChang Olympic Memorial where Peace, Olympic’s major theme, was presented. Only at Pyeongchang, located at 700m above the sea level, you can feel ‘Happiness in the nature’. The festival talks about ‘Peace’ through ‘Freedom’ erupted from enthusiastic performances.



ALi(Aug, 7)


Black Swan(Aug, 7)

Lim Chang Jeong(Aug, 8)

Song So Hee(Aug, 8)

Jeong Dong Ha(Aug, 8)

TOO(Aug, 8)

Kim Jang Hoon(Aug, 7)

Oh My Girl(Aug, 7)

2020. 07. 18 / 07. 25
On the lawn in front of Pyeongchang Stone culture experience hall
Hyoseok Moon light Hill at Bong Pyeong Myun



Mat band(Jul, 18)

Paul Kim(Jul, 25)

HYNN(Jul, 25)

Lee Gun Myong(Jul, 25)

A-UL(Jul, 25)

Park Sang Min(Jul, 18)

Park So Yeon(Jul, 18)

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Jul.13 2020Tickets for Pyeong Chang Festival now available Kang Won gift tickets will be given when buying tickets!

Reservation Information
・ One person can buy up to 4 tickets. Tickets can be used only at the specified date. ・ One ticket should be used by one person. Tickets shall not be transferred or sold to others. ・ Audiences are allowed to select any seats they prefer. ・ Tickets shall not be re-issued for any reasons (stolen, damaged, lost or missing). Audiences shall not be allowed to enter without tickets. Please be sure to carry tickets with you when you join the festival. ・ Audiences should present ID & reservation paper to receive tickets. ・ Changes, cancellations, refunds can be done only at the reservation office. Refund conditions are subject to regulations of the reservation office. ・ Please be noted that organizer and sponsors are not liable for any damages from buying or selling tickets not via authorized reservation offices.

Opening & closing time of gate & ticket office

Classification Ticket booth Gate opening Performances Closing
PyongChang Peace festival Aug. 7 (Fri) 14:20 - 20:00 16:30 - 18:30 - 21:30 22:00
Aug. 8 (Sat) 14:00 - 20:00 16:30 - 18:30 - 21:30 22:00
Peace concert In the forest Jul. 18, 25 Free admission(First-come, first-served) 17:00 - 19:00 - 21:00 21:30
Admission information
・ Doors will be opened at 16:30 Aug.7 (Fri) ~ Aug.8 (Sat) (convenient facilities : market & food trucks will be available upon opening) ・ Ticket booth will be in operation 16:30 ~20:00. ・ After ticket booth is closed, admission band will not be available. Please be sure to check the closing time. ・ Admission band shall not be re-issued under any circumstances. ・ Counterfeiting and forgery of tickets are strictly prohibited & treated as a crime. ・ Adults aged over 19 years old are allowed to bring alcohol & smoke at designated place. ・ For safety reasons, all audiences should go through security check point when they enter the gates. ・ Prohibited items shall not be kept by the organizer or sponsors. ・ Storages will be available after going through security check points.
Prohibited items
・ Audiences carrying all drugs violating related law will be prohibited from entering the festival area. ・ Baby carriage, wheel chair, crutch are allowed, however could be prohibited occasionally depending on the situation. ・ Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to enter. ・ Ice boxes are allowed, however, they will be inspected at the entrance. ・ Baby food & special food for the patient are allowed.
Performance Information
・ Performers will be varied by the date. Further information on the performing schedule will be announced later. ・ For the safety reasons CCTV will be operated in several areas. ・ Reporters having prior permissions by the organizer & sponsors are allowed to conduct news coverage. Photo taking, video filming, recording & live broadcasting are not allowed to protect copyright. Violations will be subject to judicial proceedings. However normal casual shots are allowed. ・ Authorized photo taking & filming will be done during the festival. Related contents & by products will be under control of organizer / sponsors. All related photo, film, & recording can be used for commercial purpose. Please be noted that audiences may be exposed in the contents. ・ Line up of artists may be changed or cancelled depending on the artists’ situation. Even if it happens, it should not be any reasons for refunds or compensation. ・ Occupying empty seats are not allowed for audiences’ convenience & to protect personal belongings. ・ Any personal belongings left on the empty seats can be removed by the staff and any damages & losses are not compensated. ・ Pitching tents are possible at the designated area. Only curtain tents & tents for 2-3 persons are allowed. ・ Tent area will be opened until 23:00. At least two sides of the tent should be opened. ・ Flags & umbrellas are allowed but could be prohibited if they are in the way of viewing the performance. ・ In some areas vision interruption may occur. ・ In the performance, LED lighting & laser special effect will be included. Please be advised that if any person having sensitive sight & hearing should be away from the stage with protect gear. ・ Please report to information booth any damages of facilities and excessive drinking, dangerous items - cracker & firearms causing any harm to audiences. Any person doing that kind of behavior will be asked to leave & may be taken to legal action. Refunds shall not be made in this case. ・ The organizer, sponsors, partners & artists are not responsible for any accidents, theft, & losses occurring in the event area. Please keep paying attention to your valuables. ・ Please join environmental protection movement - especially garbage disposal. Please use trash cans located in the surrounding area. Smoking is allowed only at the designated area – smoking zone. ・ If any emergencies happen, please contact emergency booth or ask for assistances to security staff, any staff working in the area. ・ The performance will be going on even in the rain. Only when there are heavy rain (rainfall reaches over 110mm for 6 hours, over 180mm for 12 hours), gusty wind , and typhoon, performance will be cancelled.

Code of conduct & actions to
prevent Corona 19 at the festival

We will do our best to secure your health & safety at the festival Please be noted the code & actions required when you make reservations.

1. Wearing mask & using sanitizer

Please try to wear a mask when you attend the festival. Masks are compulsory when you watch performance at the stage.

2. Questionnaires are required for all audiences

Audiences must fill up questionnaires regarding Corona 19. You must agree on releasing your personal information.
The questionnaires will be used only for pharmacological research purpose based on the government authorities regulations.

※ If you fall on one of the following symptoms, you are not permitted to enter the festival site.

- Anyone with temperature (over 37.5 degrees) at the entrance and having respiratory disorder
- Anyone in two week self quarantine period or having one in his or her family
- Anyone having visited foreign countries within 2 weeks
- Anyone having visited the place where many confirmed cases are reported
If you correspond to any of the followings, please cancel your reservations.
After reservations are closed, please contact festival office. (070 – 4353 – 0257)

※ According to the Korean government’s regulation article 35th, you may be fined for hiding the fact intentionally.

3. sterilizer & measuring body temperature

Measuring body temperature using untact devices will apply to all audiences.
Please be reminded that anyone with body temperature over 37.5 degrees will be prohibited from entering the festival site. Also sterilizer will be installed at the entrance, your cooperation would be appreciated.

4. Social distancing

To abide by the government’s recommendation, number of audiences will be limited. There will be 2m X 2m mark at the viewing site. We recommend 2 persons (max. 3 persons) for one box. Your voluntary cooperation would be appreciated.

5. Quarantine & disinfection of the site

We will conduct quarantine & disinfection actions at least twice a day. Also all related staff will be required to go through body temperature check and to wear masks.

6. Quarantine items preparation

Extra masks & sanitizers will be prepared, however, since it may not be sufficient enough we would like to recommend you to prepare your personal items.
Also disinfector will be operated at the site. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

7. Temporary clinic & medical staff

Following government’s manual we will provide separate spaces & clinic for suspected patient. Also medical staff & ambulance will be deployed.

We would like to thank all audiences for visiting the festival.
We expect to meet you in healthy look on the 18th, 25th of July & 7th & 8th of Aug.

How to get to the place

PyeongChang Olympic StadiumHoenggye-ri 725, Pyeong Chang Gun Dae Gwan Ryong myun , Kang won Do

※ Please search ‘Pyeong Chang Olympic Stadium’ in navigation device

By your own cars & public transportations

Parking lots are available but spaces are limited. Be kindly advised to use public transportations

Further information on the transportation & parking will be announced.

Shuttle bus schedules

Category KTX arrival waiting time KTX departure
JinBoo station Travel time 20min Down 14:35 15min 15:00
16:45 15min 17:00
17:47 15min 18:02
Upward Departure from the venue Travel time 20min KTX departure
21:10 Boarding Time 18min 21:48
21:50 Boarding Time 18min 22:28
21:40 Boarding Time 20min 22:20
PyongChang station Travel time 40min Down 14:36 15min 14:51
15:32 15min 15:47
17:38 15min 17:53
Upward Departure from the venue Travel time 20min KTX departure
21:40 Boarding Time 17min 22:37
Boarding Time 9min 22:29

※ Two shuttle buses are in circulation, and we plan to increase the number depending on the situation.